Young Adults

Welcome to our ministry! Our community is made up of young adults from all different backgrounds, and giftings. Some of us are Baptist, some are other forms of Christian. Some are spiritually curious and some just want friends. We’re all a little weird and were glad you’re here. You belong here. Come join us as we work to embody the Kingdom of God. We also post our most recent 

Our three main focuses:

Up-worship of God. 

    If you’ve been to one of our worship nights then you know, we are a people who love to sing and give God glory. Our worship band, legacy takes this very seriously. We also believe that worship happens in other forms such as prayer, dance, and the arts. 

    If you are interested in more information about our worship, contact Rebecca Kayembe at

In- discipleship

    We believe that people who are following Christ and curious about following Christ learn best together in community. We have multiple bible studies throughout the semester and a book study through the summer. Build community and wrestle with the Bible and issues of faith together! Email for more information about how to join. 

 Out- service and hospitality

 We host weekly dinners and you are welcome around the table! Dinners are our chance to sit down as a community, catch up and laugh. It’s also our front door, it’s an easy place to jump in if you’re new and we always have a seat for you! We also do a variety of events to love our neighbors well. Email for more information about how to join.

Follow us on social media(@odubcm) or check out our calendar for up to date events!


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