Mission Possible ODU 2021 Prayer space

Welcome to Mission Possible at ODU’s virtual prayer space-

Take some time to watch the video of our calligrapher, Christen Turney, writing out this prayer written by Brandess Holmes. You can pray based on the words she writes, or through whatever comes to mind. As you hit play, be sure to silence other distractions that may pop up- whether that be turning over your phone, closing a door, or silencing notifications.

Here is the prayer:

Dear Lord, here we stand excited and ready to take on the injustices of this world. Daunting they may seem, we know that united, with You and each other, we can accomplish anything. Lead us and guide us, until that day of rejoicing comes. In Jesus name, amen.

Want a 35 minute prayer experience? Here is the full length video of Christen writing out the prayer below:

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